The KulturBotschaft offers a place for cultural, artistic and religious exchange.

 Book Presentation ( in German) this coming Thursday

The German word KulturBotschaft ( call it "Q-Bo" if you like) means "Cultural Embassy" or "Cultural Mission" or "Mission of Culture".

It aims to be a Permanent Representative for 'the Cultures', playing with the German double meaning of "Botschaft" - Embassy as well as Message and all anthropological meanings of Culture.

Jacob looks at the heavenly ladder …

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The non-profit foundation KulturBotschaft was founded in 2012 in Wittenberg and is a young project space in the heart of the historical centre of Wittenberg, which is otherwise oriented towards the Reformation and Luther. The aim of the KulturBotschaft is to initiate and accompany dialogues and encounters that cross social, religious and cultural boundaries.
The foundation provides infrastructure for lectures, discussions and exhibitions. It supports and organizes artistic, cultural and sociological projects.
For the world exhibition of the Reformation the focus is on the forgotten, erased and repressed common Christian-Jewish roots.
The digging and exploring, and the attempt at remembrance, also represents an object of projection and is the foundation of a common secular modernity.

For over five hundred years now, the City of Wittenberg  located now in small middle-German state called Saxony-Anhalt has been representing the beginning of modernity, reformation, education and humanism historically and emblematically. Therefore Wittenberg provides an ideal location, where a dialogue between worldviews and religions could be initiated.

Wittenberg is a mythological place, which educational radiance made William Shakespeare send his best known character, Prince Hamlet of Denmark, there to study at the end of the 16th Century.
A place of significance.
A Christian pilgrimage site, a national symbol and World Heritage Site

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