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Wittenberg Rhizom: Exhibition with 9 international artists -


 Future from Wittenberg - What the experts say 


Thursday April 18: Film evening 9 pm!

Nominiert für den Europäischen Filmpreis
Silberne Taube, Dok Leizig

Dokumentarfilm, 86 Min., 16mm, s/w
DVD: Good Movies

“Children. As Time Flies” is the third film in Thomas Heise’s “Jammed”-Trilogy about families from Halle-Neustadt, Germany. Now the director focuses on one family: Jeanette and her two sons Paul and Tommy, her parents and her youngest brother Tino.
Everybody seems to go their own way: Jeanette finally has a daughter, a lasting relationship and the job as a bus driver she always wanted. Paul shines in school and football while his brother Tommy rather fights his way through life and struggles with staying in school. He broke all contact with his mother. Jeanette’s parents moved to the countryside and communicate rarely with their daughter. With them lives Tino, who identifies as Nazi but can’t talk to his father about it. Yet he regularly meets with Tommy.
Today’s footage is intercut with material from 1999 and creates a picture of speechlessness and stagnation. In its cool black and white images “Children. As time flies.” explores the situation of society today. How do you live?

Wittenberg Rhizom at the KulturBotschaft

Water #1-5

Where is it coming from?

Trickling and bickering water everywhere at the KulturBotschaft, where the atmosphere

seems enchanted as though it were a magical garden.

Inspired by Wittenberg’s „Jungfernröhrwasserbrunnen” (a fountain that serves as a

technical monument built in 16th century)
, a series of  Videos and live

preformances fill the dark.

Together with sound art and work

Memory work and future work meet Luther

A sound installation is created with four mobile and eight stationary loudspeakers.

Based upon a discussion 13 women are having about Martin Luther similar to „musique

concréte Martin Luthers 13”. Which questions the thesis “ The less you believe in God

the greater your fear of death.”

The exhibition „Wittenberg Rhizom“ started November 2014, located at Jüdenstr. 5, 06886 Wittenberg.

This exhibition comprises a variety of works such as sound art, fine arts,  dance and conceptual art.

Nine international (America, Germany, Chile, China and mainly Tiawan) artists joined for four weeks to work on

a cross-cultural project about their encounter with „Europe’s city of reformation“. Resulting to an extremely

creative process that examines contemporary reformation.

This artist group called „Rhizom-Gruppe“ choses to remain anonomyous. All members are art graduates from

prestegious  universities around the world, each leading successsful solo careers till they met in 2013 deciding

to create a new form of cooperating.

For this purpose, an experimental form of working was created. They themselvs call it rhizomatic. According

to Wikipedia „Rhizome is a philosophical concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix

Guattari in their Capitalism and Schizophrenia (1972–1980) project. It is what Deleuze calls

an "image of thought", based on the botanical rhizome, that apprehends multiplicities.“




Future from Wittenberg. What the experts say.

With an open civic theater project we ask: What do Wittenberg’s citizens expect from the future of their town?

Every Wittenberger (and maybe we are all Wittenbergers...) is a potential participant of the project. The openness of the project helps to motivate people from all generations and all cultural and social backgrounds to participate and to draw a broad and meaningful picture. In particular, adolescents and young adults are to be addressed and won for participation.

Sponsoring of the project has been approved by the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

A final evaluation was held at KulturBotschaft.


Small Town Carousel
As a recourse to the importance of the bookstore Max Senf as a catalyst for cultural and historical significance in the city center, artists and speakers from diffenent fields are invited to discuss and participate.



In 2013, the “Year of Tolerance” during the Luther Decade in the course of 500 year anniversary of Reformation in 2017, the KulturBotschaft was committed to the side of metaphysical seekers and religiously uncommitted citizens. Through the provision of infrastructure and mediation, it supports the idea of global ethics and intercultural world citizenship. Religious and political opinions get a forum, but they are only tolerated as long as they respect other beliefs and face each other respectfully.e.g.… "


".Reformation. Power. Politics" 2014

2015 :Reformation - Image and Bible



Mai, 4th, 7.30 pm
Opening and concert
with the Berlin-based band „Zukunft und die Lichter“

4. Mai, 19.00 Uhr:

Opening with „Zukunft und die Lichter“

Refrains to sing-along and never forget“!

ZUKUNFT & DIE LICHTER. Sebastian Zukunft (Gitarre), Martin Wahl (Schlagwerk, Percussion) und Ingo Geishecker (Bass) from Berlin play accoustic Popmusik with German lyrics. The band presented on May 4 their BRANDNEW album in KulturBotschaft . „Vergiss, was gestern war“, .

Opening act was singer, gutarist and multifunctionalist Gustavo Bauchwitz alias KETUPEC:





"Zukunft" in German translates "Future" which was the link to Matthias Wulst presentation of his project: „Zukunft aus Wittenberg“





The evening was closing with a  Jam-Session "Ketupec meets Zukunft&Die Lichter".




Freitag, 8. März 2013

S. Pressearchiv und Palmaart.de

DOPPELAKTION 2 Seiten im Feuer

Dear friends, dear readers,

very much we wanna  invite to an artistic happening  to Jüdenstraße 5, 06886 Luth.Wittenberg at 18: 00 in the KulturBotschaft .

Janis Kopiske, the 1985 born artist uses the element fire as tool and aid in the design of his sculptures. As abstract sculptures have been created in recent years try to approach the absolute harmony of form and structure of the wood: "the ideas and thoughts begin to burn inside me and crave after that to freely be allowed - so images of my current thoughts and feelings arise".


 Janis Kopiske says goodbye to Gräfenhainichen and moves to Denmark, as his last "Central German" artwork, a sculpture for the façade of the KulturBotschaft is this weekend. Thus, it already contributes  to the next project of the KulturBotschaft: "social and built environment - interactions with consequences" under the direction of Maike Kohnert.

Samstag, 9. November 6:30 pm
Jüdenstraße 5, 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg


Documentary and research with Maike Elisabeth Kohnert

In addition to religions and beliefs, which will have to be connected and need to be discussed during the following years, the KulturBotschaft considers art, cultural studies and sociological issues to be paramount subjects as well – they can also be complimented by a scientific discourse.


High Water Alarm! 08.06.2013 01:19 Uh

We'e been carrying sandbags all that Friday night...



Schreck am Freitagabend in Wittenberg: Wasser auf den Gleisen und dem Parkplatz des Altstadt-Bahnhofs an der Halleschen Straße. Es hat sich den Weg unter dem Bahndamm hindurch gesucht. „Durch irgendeine Kanalisation, die wir nicht kennen“, sagte Gerd Geier von der technischen Einsatzleitung der Stadt.

Freiwillige Helfer errichten am Altstadt-Bahnhof in Wittenberg einen Notdamm.

Freiwillige Helfer errichten am Altstadt-Bahnhof in Wittenberg einen Notdamm.  (Bilder: Thomas Klitzsch)

Freiwillige Helfer errichteten am Bahnhof einen Notdamm.