Respect and exchange

The KulturBotschaft is an open forum for discussion for ideological propositions.

The goal is to provide a platform to discuss issues on religion, spirituality and culture and to encourage an artistic exchange. It offers a safe haven for encounter and communication. This spiritual exchange occurs on subjective opinions and philosophies and requires most of all respect for different beliefs.

 KulturBotschaft lines up in the tradition of middle-German  or Anhaltinian traditions of enlightenment...


The German constitution regards world view or Weltanschauung, as a counterpart to religion and both are to be treated equally:
“No person shall be favored or disfavored because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, or religious or political opinions. (…) Freedom of faith and of conscience, and freedom to profess a religious or philosophical creed, shall be inviolable.”

The term Weltanschauung was established by Kant, it was popularized in the writings of the romantic philosophers Schelling and Novalis. As a Germanism it is used in many other languages. The term got widely discredited within the field of science because the National Socialist used it as an antonym for ideology. Today, the "world view" emerges in discussions concerning the search for spirituality and when it comes to the need for a meaningful way of living within the context of postmodern arbitrariness. The KulturBotschaft would like to get to the bottom of the term and understand it in terms of the constitution.


The KulturBotschaft offers the infrastructure for lectures, discussions and smaller exhibitions. At the same time it supports artistic, cultural and sociological research. The former bookstore is a Permanent Representative of the cultural scene in Berlin and Wittenberg’s partner cities. It invites local individuals as well as citizens all around the world to contribute and realize their own projects. (In perspective, guests from all over the world are to be received. Braucht man nicht unbedingt)

Arts and socio-culture

An open dialogue between religions and cultures requires a study of artistic and sociological questions. The KulturBotschaft promotes interdisciplinary projects and launches its 2013 program with the event series "province & precarity", which deals with unsafe living and working conditions in Wittenberg and elsewhere. Whether architecture, photography or theater: A productive debate is possible with a variety of resources and contributes to a preoccupation with one's own beliefs and life circumstances.

In 2014 we were busy with the projects "future from Wittenberg" as well as a couple of exhibitions among them "Wittenberg Rhizom" ( until January 23), 2015, where 9 international artists created their impressions by a one-month-residency in the "KulturBotschaft" -

Globalisation needs global ethic,not as an additional load,butas a base and help for people,for civil societySome political scientists predict 'clash of civilizations' for the 21st century.
However,we put our different vision of the future;not just anoptimistic ideal,but realistic vision of hope:the religions andcultures of the world,together with all people of goodwill,can avoid such a collisionprovided that they carry out the following insights:no peaceamong the Nations without peace among the religionsNo peaceamong the religions without dialogue between religions.Nodialoguebetweenreligions without global ethical standardsNosurvival of our globe in peace and justice without newparadigm of international relations based on global ethicalstandards."
-Hans Küng before the UN General Assembly 2001