The KulturBotschaft is an open platform. You are cordially invited to become ambassador and/ or ambassadress.


Not only since Joseph Beuys "every one is an artist"  - everyone can also becom ambassadress or abassador of culture....


 Tim Schaffrick

Art Director  (Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“),  Hans-Böckler-Scholarship
Directed plays: Disco Pigs, Lederfresse, Familiengeschichten Belgrad, „Auf der Suche nach Vogelpaul“...2003-2004  Journalist in New York
2005-2009  CEO „BerlinReal GmbH“
2010  Gründung  „BIG BAMBOO!“, Projektmanagement Quartiersrat /„Soziale Stadt“  in Berlin-Neukölln,
Language Project „ZauberSprache“ mit Kita-kids
Founder KulturBotschaft (Dezember 2012)

Oded Korach, born 1978 in Kitchener/Canada, is a communication designer. He’s Graduated Bachelor-Degree in visual communication at Bezalel Academy For Art And Design in Jerusalem. Since 2008 he works as an independent communication designer, mostly in cultural field. These days he makes his Master studies at the KHB Weissensee. His Master project “The Common God”, deals with the dialogue between Islam and Judaism through the perspective of their social ethics. We will show the common G`d on July 1st.

Karolina Kuszyk

Karolina Kuszyk, born in 1977, was born in Legnica (Poland), she is an author, literary translator and trainer for intercultural competencies. She studied in Warsaw, Frankfurt (Oder) and in Berlin.

Since 2004 she lives in Berlin. As a writer, she published in the Polish "Tygiel Kultury" and in the "Notes Wydawniczy" Publisher magazine. She has participated in numerous workshops for literary translators (literary Colloquium Berlin, international poetry festival in Berlin, the literature festival Pulse Literatury in Lodz). She works with Polish and German publishers and magazines such as PWN, Ksiazka i PRASA, W.A.B., MUZA S.A., czarne, Le Monde diplomatique Polska and VliegenVolk together. In June 2013, her Polish translation by Karen Duves "Clean food" has appeared in the publishing house Czarne Karolina Kuszyk


Isabel Schaffrick


The subjects of spirituality, ecology, art and music have shaped her life since her

youth. Previously working as teacher in the Freiburg area, she has been at home as an

artist at Lake Constance since 2016. She designed the cube MYTHS-ANGELS-

DREAMS in a common concept for KulturBotschaft.



Matthias Wulst

Matthias Wulst










Freischaffender Bühnenbildner, Autor und Regisseur, Mitbegründer der Theatergruppe ANSTART

studierte Geschichte und Philosophie, Universität Leipzig sowie Bühnenbild an der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee

 Keren Korman

studierte Geschichte, Philosophie und Bühnenbild in Tel Aviv und Berlin


Ulli Bresan

studierte Freie Kunst und Bühnenbild in Berlin und London



& YOU!?!