The KulturBotschaft ( = "Embassy of culture") is a non-profit charitable foundation




The KulturBotschaft ( = "Embassy of culture") is a non-profit charitable foundation based in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt, a 35 minutes train-trip South of Berlin, and North of Leipzig.

The main building and ‘base camp’ of the KulturBotschaft – Dialog der Weltanschauungen (dialogue of worldviews) lies directly opposite the town and parish church of St. Mary’s, the building adjacent to Luther‘s pulpit, but already belongs to the ‘Jewish quarter’.

‘500 years of the posting of the theses’ offers the opportunity to wake Wittenberg from its slumber with a kiss of life, well beyond the Reformation anniversary.

In a response to this a number of events are being planned in the KulturBotschaft. Among others: presentation of a paper cut-out of the town and parish church in cooperation with Cord Woywodt, Oded Korach: ‘The Common God’, The White Mountain / KulturBotschaft curatorial project, Weltfriedensfest (World Peace Jubilee) with Yair Dalal on July 21st

Compositions for symphony orchestras – and a sound for everyone's own voice.

The "infringement of religious beliefs" is an omnipresent pretext to pursue political interests as a source of hatred, war and devastating conflicts both in families as well as in society as a whole.
True spirituality is consistent with world citizenship and global ethics and it is based on compassion, respect and understanding, on a holistic, reciprocal, and intercultural tolerance and openness to dialogue.
Therefore the KulturBotschaft wants to be the Permanent Representative.