The White Mountain:

Board of trustees "500 People of Eminence for Wittenberg"

We're gathering
theses and creating an (international /global) infrastructure. Formation of a representing 500-member Board of Trustees with personalities from the arts, religion, culture and economy of every shade.  For the board of trustees of the foundation KulturBotschaft we aim at winning several  “eminent personalities” from most different social levels with outstanding credits and completely  arbitrary reasons of choice. We are approaching " future experts" through our socio-cultural projects, going from macro-to-micro, and back, chosing the neighbours child, the local teacher or philosopher, the regional celebrity to the topmost superstars by choice of heart:


“Public” and “non-public” persons, who stand for their independent way of thinking and intellectual or artistic analysis and dispute, are being asked to get involved as Ambassadors of Culture -KulturBotschafter - and donate a little present to the city of Wittenberg and initiate a  dialogue of Enlightenment and putting aside ideologies.

Be it a piece of art, an activity within the planned projects, or just a postcard - thus they will become a part of the big picture and become a modern reformation. Ambassador no 500 will be reserved for the honour of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis