Preamble to the foundation KulturBotschaft

For over five hundred years now, the city of Wittenberg has been representing the beginning of modernity, reformation, education and humanism historically and emblematically.

Therefore Wittenberg provides an ideal location for a "dialogue between worldviews and religions" to be initiated.

Wittenberg is a mythological place, which educational radiance made William Shakespeare at the end of the 16th Century send his best known character, Prince Hamlet of Denmark, there to study.

A place of significance.
Christian pilgrimage site, national symbol and a World Heritage Site.
The KulturBotschaft wants to use this "genius loci" as a mediator in conflicts of small and large to set new impulses to stimulate thinking and reach people all around the world.

World theatre for global citizens.
Compositions for symphony orchestras – and a sound for everyone's own voice.

The "infringement of religious beliefs" is an omnipresent pretext to pursue political interests as a source of hatred, war and devastating conflicts both in families as well as in society as a whole.

True spirituality is consistent with world citizenship and global ethics and  based on compassion, respect and understanding,

on a holistic and intercultural openness for true dialogue.

Therefore the KulturBotschaft wants to be the Permanent Representative.

The Image of a Good Man's Life (1567)