Our history stretches back over a thousand years and includes many famous people, who have influenced the world.


Makro: Middle Germany / Saxony-Anhalt traditions of Enlightenment / Micro: Former Bookstore in the City center


The KulturBotschaft’s headquarter is located in Jüdenstrasse 5, vis-à-vis to the town church, in the immediate vicinity of the pulpit where Luther preached from. Located on the ground floor is the former bookstore and publishing house "Max Senf".
The former bookstore can be used as a space for events; the store is once again set in its historical context and has been revived after several years of vacancy and other inproper use, to serve as a place of intellectual exchange.

 Katharina Krapp/Phillipp Melanchthon

Garden and Yard

 A large garden and yard provide an exceptionally great space for projects and meetings. The Max-Senf-House is going to be a venue for projects, a Permanent Representation of the cultural scene of Berlin, of Wittenberg’s sister cities and the world. It’s place of respect. This central "abode of spiritual strength" in the former Jewish quarter, located between two Christian churches and the former observatory helps us to understand history and to experience directly how history imprints on our life here and now.

 Martin Luther: ‘The greatest media sensation of his age’