"The garden remains with Krapp" - note on a document from 1523


Garden and yard

A large garden and yard provide an exceptionally great space for projects and meetings.

Neues Jungfernröhrwasser

The "virgin pipeline" with the nowadays still running „Old and New Virgin Pipeline“, unique technical monument from the 16 th century.

In 1556 prosperous inhabitants of Wittenberg got together to build a water pipeline. They breached a spring outside the town with a natural steep gradient till the market. In the old town centre there are still pumps running.


Lutherstadt Wittenberg


 This central "abode of spiritual strength" in the former Jewish quarter, located between two Christian churches and the former observatory helps us to understand history and to experience directly how history imprints on our life here and now.

world cultural heritage site

World theatre for global citizens. WITTENBERG_PALACE = BROKEDOWN_PALACE @ the river Elbe