Dialogue of worldviews

Always standing on secular ground, one focus of the KulturBotschaft is the incitation of an ecumenical dialogue, attempt to communicate an "inter-Christian" approach. The big anniversary of the Reformation should neither be celebrated without the Pope nor without any other representative of the world religions. The KulturBotschaft cordially invites them to a dialogue.

Further the KulturBotschaft sees itself as a representation of (multi-)cultural values, artistic, cultural and sociological perspectives aside of the official celebrations regarding “Luther 2017”. Still the KulturBotschaft will gladly add to those celebrations.

The Reformation

The Reformation spread from Wittenberg to the rest of the world. More than 400 million Protestants worldwide have spiritual links in their religious life with the events of the Reformation. Our attention will be always on local steps and on the global power of its influence.

History may not only be preserved, but shall always be considered a resource in the context of current developments. It must be mediated, discussed and practiced. "Reformation and tolerance" directly provokes a Christian-Muslim-Jewish-atheist-and different faith-dialogue.

KulturBotschaft lines up in the tradition of middle-German  or Anhaltinian traditions of enlightenment, especially to mention the 18th century efforts of Moses Mendelssohn, born Sept.6, 1729 in Dessau, who becamea model for Lessings

 Nathan the Wise (s.quote,Ring Parable, and s. also preamble of the foundation, connections of "world spirit" between Giordano Bruno, Shakespeare's Hamlet, he tensions between reformers and revolutionaries ( Müntzer, Karlstadt vs Melanchthon/Luther)
The KulturBotschaft therefore is a platform for the exchange of ideas, beliefs, principles and fundamental doubts.

Despite the financial crisis, the KulturBotschaft believes in the European idea. It is an ambassador and cooperation partner of cultural scenes from all over the world.
The KulturBotschaft stays always a work-in-progress project and wants to become a playground for seekers. Believers of all kinds are just as welcome as pagans, heretics and witches. The KulturBotschaft will provide a protected space where struggles of gender and culture may be challenged exemplarily.

A test arrangement.
World Theatre for global citizens. Music for a large orchestra – and your own voice.